The Government has failed miserably to proof the seriousness of a fabricated “Shulaya Enterprise “ case, yet the co-defendant of Razhden Shulaya, Avtandil Khurtsidze , amazing, kind and missed by all boxer is to spend 10 years in jail. Opening Statement from the courtroom!

So called Shulaya enterprise, transporting stolen goods, trafficking and contraband of cigarettes, identity fraud and a casino scam, all managed by a Vor, Russian work, as a government translates as a thief in law, refers to violent criminals with extensive criminal histories ( unlike Razhden ) who earned the title in the gulags of a former Soviet Union. People who commit their entire lives to crimes, to the exclusion of all else including family, and they tatoo themselves to make their status known to others ( unlike Razhden Shulaya ). its a relic of a time gone by. It has little meaning in the 21st century. We are not in a Soviet Union anymore. After listening of all of the testimony in this case, you will know that there is no so-called Shulaya Enterprise. If and enterprise existed, it was the Government enterprise, the government is pulling all the strings here, they created the so called Shulaya Enterprise, they funded it, they maintained its operations through their informants, and sat back and watched to see what Mr. Shulaya would do. The Government has accused Mr. Shulaya of purchasing and selling untaxed cigarettes, however the evidence will show that the government through its informants was both the supplier and the purchaser of those cigarettes. The evidence will clearly show that these cigarettes were not stolen. Federal agents supplied cigarettes to one informant who then sold those cigarettes to Mr. Shulaya who then sold those cigarettes to the 2nd Government informant, and that 2nd informant purchased those cigarettes with money given to him by the same Federal Agents. The evidence will show that the most prolific members of the so-called Shulaya Enterprise were acting as Agents of the Government while engaging in shady conduct themselves. Mr. Shulaya plead not guilty to each and every element of the crime that he is charged with. This is a story of a Government's imagination. Don't be distracted by the tales of Vor, pull back the curtain, see who is really behind the alleged Shulaya enterprise. One of the first witnesses of this case is an expert on organized crime, special agent Penza, who mostly studied the Italian Mafia. So when and where his expertise is developed on a Russian organized crime? He was a big part of Razhden Shulaya's set up case and still be admitted as an expert witness.  The evidence can't reach the level of accusation that are being made towards Razhden Shulaya. The Governement will not be able to prove  that Mr. Shulaya acted as part of or head of any Enterprise in this case. 

Now, attempting to prove its burden, the Government will call other witnesses besides special agent Penza, its the other law inforcemnet witnesses,  and will also hear from four witnesses who made deals with the Government in exchange for benefits. Two main characters of the Governments tale: "Slava" ( Mr. Oleynik) and Aleksander Kuzenko. Mr. Shulaya came to the United States in 2014 and that same year he was introduced to Vladimir Oleynik who he knew as Slava. By the time Razhden has met Slava, Oleynik was already cooperating with the Government for many years. He was arrested in 2005 and plead guilty to firearms and fraud. Slava has spent many years in jail and made a deal with the Government, He cooperated with them and he received probation. When his sentence was over with no cases pending Slava reached out to the Government and signed up to work with them. His job was to create criminal cases against others. Slava wasn't doing this out of the goodness of his heart, his powerful motive to work with the Government was to help himself, he was facing mandatory deportation. However he knew if he was able to make a deal with the Government in exchanged of telling them elaborate tales based on a myth of a Vor, and helped build cases against other people, the Government will allow him to stay in the country and continue be who he is and do the work that he loves, Slava got to cheat, gamble, steal. and it was all paid for by the US Government. The other main Character is Aleksander Kuzenko (Kuziy). He is the main character in this story. He pushes the action along, he plays his role and in that role he lies, repeatedly and convincingly. Kuzenko has more that 25 years of history of violence and terror. He is being involved in use of firearms and the violent activities. In 1998 Kuzenko was arrested and served approximately 15 years for a violent crime, so how is Kuzenko being called as witness by the Government? A witness for the United States of America. Well, Kuzenko made a deal in like any other deal each party agreed to give the other party something they wanted. In this deal, the Government uses Kuzenko to create their enterprise, you will hear that Kuzenko asked Mr. Shulaya over and over and over again to extort people, Kuzenko was the real owner of the poker house. So what does Kuzenko get in return? By making a deal with the Government, Kuzenko gets to stay in the United States after his prison sentence, without making a deal with the Government he would face  the mandatory deportation, but if he works with the Government, if he works Mr. Shulaya and continues to play his part, he is paid by the Government and they apply for deferred action Status for him with immigration.  He gets to continue living in the United Satets and being who he has always been. A criminal. He gets to live his version of an american dream, funded by your tax dollars.  There are also 2 Government witnesses in this case who also made a deal with the Government , who plead guilty to crimes and face substantial prison sentences. However if they help the Government by providing the convenient information to set up Razhden Shulaya, the Government will write a 5K letter to Judge Forrest, this letter is critical for theses witnesses, with that letter they can receive a sentence as low as time served. If these witnesses don't come here and tell you a stories about Razhden Shulaya, they have no value.  Another witness Melman has made a deal with the Government as well, he has his own motives, in exchange for working with the Government, he can get e sentence as little as time served if he plays his role.

The casino scheme was nothing more than a fantasy, no actual casino mashine  were physically manipulated and they invested thousands of dollars into this dream that made very little in return. Its not a crime.

Another cooperating witness is Semen, also known as Sam, who plead guilty among other things, faced a 25 year sentence, so he made a deal with the Government as well.

We all want to be able to trust our Government, we want to trust that FBI is on our side, but we all know that they go sometimes a little too far. Thats what happened in this case, they found criminals willing to tell them stories about Mr. Shulaya and they gave them all the resources they needed to create the enterprise. All the hope on a Jury, hopefully,  our citizens will see the facts that are credible, reliable and trustworthy.

After analyzing the evidence, our conclusion is Mr. Shulaya is innocent. 

The Government has failed to prove its burden beyond its reasonable doubt that Mr. Shulaya is not involved in any crime that he is charged with. 

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Recent wave of unfair immigrant prosecutions

Yes, this outcome was more than predictable. We advice everybody to stay positive and only us being together we will overcome all trouble times. The politics and its ups and downs do reflect on people’s life’s, especially immigrants. Our goal is to unite, help each other, believe in success.

Recent case of Razhden Shulaya

Unbelievably shocking arrest of such a great man as Razhden Shulaya was a huge disappointment. It led many people to be more alert. Our news team is on top of that game that government is fabricating. Fortunately we have a great deal of amazing people who will never let down immigrants like Razhden Shulaya.

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